Schedule 2014

Please note that the schedule below reflects only the main NHC Qualifiers, "The BIG One" at Laurel Park Qualifiers and other major events held at HorseTourneys.

The schedule for other contests (NHC Prelim Feeders, HPWS, other contests) is determined weekly and posted on the home page in the "Upcoming Contests" section.

All dates and parameters are subject to change.

Date Contest Fee Entries Awarded
Nov 29, 2014
$25,000 Tourney $260 107 $12,500 to Winner; pays to 8th Place
Nov 30, 2014
FINAL NHC Qualifier LIVE FORMAT $155 260 Max four (4) NHC Packages
Jan 3, 2015
$50,000 Tourney $390 142 $22,500 to first; pays to 12th place