The BIG One at Laurel Park - September 19-20, 2020

The "High-Expectation Event" - Only 57 Players

Largest Ratio of Prizes to Players of any Major Tournament

$75,000 Cash Prize Pool GUARANTEED

$2.00 WIN/PLACE Format - Level Playing Field

Top 10 Players Win Choice of NTRA National HorsePlayers Championship (NHC), Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge or Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship Seats** (2 of 10 prizes chosen must be NHC)

Top 10 Players Win Prize Money

11th to 15th Place Win Horse Player World Series (HPWS) Entries or $1,500 Cash

* Final Prize Pool is determined by participation in individual qualifiers. Prize pool is updated after each qualifier. See Status/Update section for current purse status.

**At least two (2) of the 10 seats chosen must be NHC seats. NHC seats will be assigned to lowest placings if not chosen in top 10.


"The BIG One" at Laurel Park, an on-track handicapping contest with qualifying packages available exclusively through


September 19-20 (Saturday/Sunday), 2020. Two-day contest.


Laurel Park in Laurel, MD (outside Baltimore)


  • Top TEN (10) Players Win prize money (see below); players also keep any remaining bankroll
  • Top TEN (10) Win choice of: NTRA National HorsePlayers Championship package; $10,000 Entry to Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge (November, 2020) OR Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship entry + Cash TBD (January, 2021).
  • Places 11th through 15th win $1,500 Horse Player World Series Entry (March, 2021) or $1,500 Cash

Purse and purse distribution is dependent upon participation in individual qualifiers. Current purse totals are updated after every qualifier at the Status Update page.

Directional prize distribution is below. Exact percentages are determined by tournament officials and subject to change.

  • Grand Prize: 40 percent of prize pool + Choice of NHC/BCBC/Pegasus
  • 2nd Place: 20 percent of prize pool + Choice of NHC/BCBC/Pegasus
  • 3rd Place: 10 percent of prize pool + Choice of NHC/BCBC/Pegasus
  • 4th Place: 7.5 percent of prize pool + Choice of NHC/BCBC/Pegasus
  • 5th Place: 5 percent of prize pool + Choice of NHC/BCBC/Pegasus
  • 6th Place: 4.5 percent of prize pool + Choice of NHC/BCBC/Pegasus
  • 7th Place: 4 percent of prize pool + Choice of NHC/BCBC/Pegasus
  • 8th Place: 3.5 percent of prize pool + Choice of NHC/BCBC/Pegasus
  • 9th Place: 3 percent of prize pool + Choice of NHC/BCBC/Pegasus
  • 10th Place: 2.5 percent of prize pool + Choice of NHC/BCBC/Pegasus
  • 11th thru 15th Place: $1,500 HPWS Entry OR $1,500 Cash

BCBC Entry: $10,000 full entry into the November 2020 Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge (Bankroll + Entry Fee)

Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship Entry: Entry to January, 2021 Pegasus World Cup Betting Championship + Cash TBD

NHC Package: Seat to 2021 NTRA National Horseplayers Championship (held in February, 2021) PLUS $500 travel reimbursement and complimentary 4-night hotel stay at NHC venue.

HPWS Entry: $1,500 Entry to Horse Player World Series (March, 2021)


Qualifying packages to "The BIG One" at Laurel Park available through will be all-inclusive, including the seat to "The BIG One" at Laurel Park and purse contribution; $500 in travel reimbursement provided upon winning a qualifying package and complimentary 3-night hotel stay near Baltimore/Laurel area at a selected hotel venue.


Buffet and Open Bar throughout the duration of the contest. Cocktail/Dinner reception on Friday, Sept. 18 at selected venue, including dinner and Open Bar.


There will be a maximum of 57 entries allowed in "The BIG One" at Laurel Park. 50 of those entries will be made available exclusively for qualification at HorseTourneys. Five (5) entries will be made available on a buy-in basis. A total of (2) spots will be allocated to Laurel Park for pre-event, on-site qualifiers. A player may play only one entry per person in "The BIG One," however, players may continue to participate in qualifiers in their own name and transfer any additional packages won to another player, who must be present at the event.

$2 WIN/PLACE Format

  • $96 Starting Bankroll per player
  • Only $2.00 win-place wagers allowed; all players on level playing field
  • Players must play exactly 12 races on each of the two contest days - Five (5) races will be mandatory races selected by tournament officials, with an additional (7) Optional races played each day from eligible contest tracks
  • Players may only place a single $2.00 win/place wager ($4.00 total) on each 12 races each day
  • Payout caps of 20-1 Win, 10-1 Place NEW for 2020 (cap only used for scoring purposes)
  • Players keep any remaining bankroll at the conclusion of the contest


Qualifying contests to "The BIG One" at Laurel Park will begin in January, 2020, and proceed through the week prior to the event. Go to to check the upcoming schedule of qualifiers.


Up to five (5) buy-in entries will be made available to "The BIG One" at a price determined in September, 2020 (price dependent on purse status). If there are more buy-in requests than there are buy-in entries available, first preference will be given to those players that have participated in the most qualifiers to "The BIG One," if applicable, in the order of number of entries played in qualifying events at HorseTourneys. Any remaining requests will be settled on a lottery basis. The number of buy-in entries and costs of those entries may be adjusted by tournament officials based on number of entries qualified to the event, including elimination of the buy-in option. To make arrangements to secure a buy-in entry, please email McKay Smith at for instructions.


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